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How to Manage Team Membership

Validated on 21 Jun 2023 - Last edited on 21 Jun 2023

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To manage team members, go to Teams & Contacts page from the Control Panel.

The team page lists the teams current membership:

Teams Contacts

The table includes the full name, e-mail address, member status and last login date of all team members.

Invite New Members

Click the Invite User button to invite more people to the team. On the Invite team members page that opens, enter the full name and email addresses of the person you want to invite, then click Submit. Invitations are sent via email.

When someone has not accepted their invitation to the team, the Status column lists them as pending. The Actions menu for pending team members has two options:

  • Edit Contact: Allows you to manage the permissions of the invited user.
  • Delete: revokes the invitation to join the team.

Teams Contacts

Add Team Members

Click the Add New Contact button to add more people to the team. On the Add new contact page that opens, enter all the information for the contact you want to add, then click Submit. After adding, the user is immediately active. No confirmation invitation required.

When a member is added to the team, the status becomes active instantly. The Actions menu for active team members has three options:

  • Edit Contact: Allows you to manage all the information and permissions of the added user.
  • Login as this contact: Lets you sign in on behalf of the team member.
  • Delete: Lets you delete the team member.

Teams Contacts

Modify Member Roles

Team members can have one of three roles: Full Privileges, Accounting, or Technical Staff. Roles determine a user's level of access to a team's shared resources, billing information, and settings.

RoleAccess ResourcesBilling InformationSupport Information
Full PrivilegesFull accessFull accessFull access
AccountingNo accessFull accessNo access
Technical StaffFull accessNo accessFull access

Team owners can offer or remove special privileges with no predefined privileges.

Teams Contacts