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Validated on 20 Jun 2023 - Last edited on 20 Jun 2023

FibaCloud billing cycles are monthly. The system automatically bills you for each service order and renewal.

Invoices list expenses accrued to an account in a billing cycle. Charges include the use of resources such as the Servers you run, how long you run them, their size and cost. If your account does not use any resources, you will not receive an invoice.

When we create an invoice, we email a PDF of it to the address specified in the account profile. You can use contacts to specify multiple billing contacts; all Owners and Billers on a team receive invoices.

Invoices are also visible on the Invoices & Statements page. You can list all your invoices on this page. You can also find Invoices Due, Estimates and your Credit Balances in the sections at the top of the billing page.


Filter Options allows you to filter your invoices by services, by service status, and by invoice status. Thus, you can track your invoices more easily.


Export Statement button, allows you to download your accounts billing history and statement as PDF.


Bulk Invoice Payment Formats:

  • Pay All Due Invoices: This option consolidates all unpaid invoices and creates a new batch invoice.
  • Pay Selected Invoices: This option combines the invoices you select from the column in the invoice table and creates a new invoice.

When you pay the invoice generated by the system, it marks all included invoices as paid. Also, You can delete the bulk payment invoice.

When you click on any part of the invoice on the page, you will be directed to the invoice detail page.

You can perform the following operations on the invoice details page.

  • You can pay your unpaid invoice.
  • You can apply coupons to your unpaid invoice.
  • You can print your invoice.
  • You can download the PDF printout of your invoice.
  • You can delete Add Funds or bulk payments invoices.


The following limits apply to invoices:

  • We cannot change invoice and billing dates.
  • We bill exclusively in USD and all invoices are in USD. We do not invoice in local currency.

In addition to monthly invoice emails, you can opt into billing alerts, which are emails you receive when your monthly spending exceeds a threshold you define.