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How to Track Performance with Instance Graphs

Validated on 24 July 2023 - Last edited on 24 July 2023

Instance graphs are up-to-the-minute visualizations of how your server is performing over time. They let you monitor Instance performance metrics in the control panel.

Default Instance Graphs‚Äč

Click its name in the control panel to view a Instances usage chart. From the Instance Manager go to the Usage page and you will reach the direct graphics page. By default, four tables are available for any Instance:

  • CPU Usage % : You can follow your CPU usage as a percentage up to the last 1 year.
  • RAM Usage : You can track your total RAM amount in orange and your RAM usage in pink.
  • Disk I/O : You can track the disk reads in blue and the disk writes in pink.
  • Network Traffic : You can follow the Network-IN in purple and the Network-OUT in gray.

Default Instance Graphs

The Instance graph timeframe options are Hour, Day, Week, Month or Year.