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How to Connect to Instances with the Instance Console

Validated on 24 July 2023 - Last edited on 24 July 2023

The Instance Console is a browser-based way to connect to Instances. Instead of using ssh in a local terminal, you can use the Instance Console in your preferred web browser.

The Instance Console has a native-like terminal experience, so you can run commands on your Instance from a familiar command-line interface. It also provides one-click SSH access to your Instance without the need for a password or manual SSH key configuration.

Access the Instance Console‚Äč

You can access the Instance Console from the FibaCloud Control Panel.

First, click the name of the Instance you want to access to expand its detail window, then click the name again to go to its detail page. Then press the Console button at the top of the page.

Access the Instance Console

Once the console is installed, you can log in and use the command line to run commands on your Instance.