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Instances Pricing

Validated on 23 Aug 2023 - Last edited on 23 Aug 2023

FibaCloud Instances are Linux-based virtual machines (VMs) running on virtualized hardware. Every Instance you create is a new server that you can use independently or as part of a larger, cloud-based infrastructure.

We offer five different kinds of Instance plans: one shared CPU plan and four dedicated CPU plans.

Instance PlanCPUvCPUsMemory
Shared (Regular and Premium)Shared1 - 321 - 128
General PurposeDedicated2 - 564 - 256
Storage-OptimizedDedicated2 - 564 - 256
High MemoryDedicated2 - 1024 - 150

Shared Instances come in Regular and Premium versions. Premium Instances are guaranteed to use the newest CPUs we have and NVMe SSDs.

Learn more about shared CPU vs. dedicated CPU, CPU details for Premium Instances, and the best use cases for each kind of plan in Choosing the Right Instance Plan. You can view all available Instance plans on the pricing page.

Instances are billed hourly with a minimum charge of one hour. If you create a Instance and destroy it less than an hour later, you will still be charged the minimum charge.


You are still billed for Instances that are powered off because the compute resources for the Instance stay reserved on the hypervisor, even when they are not in use. To end billing, destroy the Instance.


Each Instances includes free outbound data transfer, starting at 1000 GiB/month and scaling up. Additional transfer is billed at $0.01 per GiB, but most users do not exceed the amount included with their Instances.