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Instances Features

Validated on 23 Aug 2023 - Last edited on 23 Aug 2023

FibaCloud Instances are Linux-based virtual machines (VMs) running on virtualized hardware. Every Instance you create is a new server that you can use independently or as part of a larger, cloud-based infrastructure.

Linux Distributions

We support the following Linux distributions:

CentOSUbuntuDebianRocky Linux AlmaLinuxFedora
7.9 Linux x6418.04 (LTS) x649 x648 x648.638 x64
8 Stream x6420.04 (LTS) x6410 x649 x649
9 Stream x6422.04 (LTS) x6411 x64
23.04 (LTS) x6412 x64

Reserved IPs

FibaCloud Reserved IPs are publicly-accessible static IP addresses that you can assign to Instances. A reserved IP provides an additional static address you can use to access a Instance without replacing or changing the Instances original public IP address.

Volumes Block Storage

FibaCloud Block Storage is a flexible, convenient way of managing additional storage (in units called volumes) for your Instances. You can increase the size of a volume without powering down the Instance it is attached to. They are most useful when you need more storage space but do not need the additional processing power or memory that a larger Instance would provide.

Cloud Firewalls

FibaCloud Cloud Firewalls are a free, network-based, stateful firewall service for your FibaCloud Instances. They block all traffic that is not expressly permitted by a rule.

Load Balancers (Coming Soon)

FibaCloud Load Balancers are a fully-managed, highly available load balancing service. Load balancers distribute traffic to groups of Instances, which decouples the overall health of a backend service from the health of a single server to ensure that your services stay online.