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Introduction to Dyte’s Breakout Rooms


The breakout rooms feature is currently in beta, which means it is still being tested and evaluated, and may undergo some change. Please contact us if you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements to the feature.

Breakout rooms allow participants of a meeting to split into smaller groups for targeted discussions and collaboration. With the rise of remote work and online learning, breakout rooms have become an essential tool for enhancing engagement and building community in virtual settings. They are an ideal choice for workshops, online classrooms, or even if you require a moment to speak privately with a select few participants outside the main meeting.


Currently, Dyte breakout rooms are supported on the web only.

Key features of Dyte's breakout rooms

The following are some of the key features of Dyte's breakout rooms:

  • You can manage permissions and privileges of hosts and participants using presets.
  • Hosts can create breakout rooms, assign participants, start and close the breakout rooms, and switch between rooms.
  • Participants can start and stop video any time, interact with the participants in the breakout rooms using chat and polls, mute and unmute the audio at any time.
  • You can record all the breakout sessions individually like any other Dyte meeting.

Roles in a breakout room

Roles in the breakout room are managed by the presets.

Host: Hosts can create breakout rooms, assign participants, start and close the breakout rooms, switch between rooms.

Participants: As a participant in a breakout room, you can do the following:

  • Switch to Parent Meeting: You can switch to the main meeting (only if you’ve the required permissions).
  • Switch Connected Meetings: You can switch from the main meeting to smaller, more focused discussion groups (breakout rooms) where you can collaborate and exchange ideas. You can collaborate using tools such as chat and poll.
Create breakout roomsYesNo
Assign participants to a breakout roomYesNo
Switch between breakout roomsYesYes (if you’ve the required permissions)
Record the breakout roomsYes (you must be an admin for the meeting or the required permissions to record the meeting)Yes (you must be an admin for the meeting or the required permissions to record the meeting)
Interact within the breakout room, send chat, pollYesYes

Audio and video in a breakout room

Each breakout room functions as an independent meeting. When you switch to a breakout room from the main meeting, it automatically switches over to the audio and video of the breakout session. You can mute or unmute your audio and start or stop your video at any time during the breakout session, just as you can in the main meeting.

When the breakout session ends, your audio and video automatically switches back to the main meeting.

  • If your video was turned on during a breakout session, it will remain on when you return to the main session.
  • However, your audio will be muted or turned off when you switch back to the main meeting.

Recording of breakout sessions

As mentioned earlier, each breakout session is a separate session. Each breakout session's recording is stored and managed separately, just like any other Dyte meeting. For more information on Dyte recording, see the Recording Overview.